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Introducing BiomechEngine®

We introduce you the Beflex BiomechEngine®, our chip solution easily integrated into head-worn devices such as earbuds, headphones, and smartglasses to help the runners analyze proper running posture for better performance and safer running experience.

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Wearable Technology

Beflex BiomechEngine® chip solution is compatible with head/ear-worn electronics devices. It is easily integrated into existing head/ear-worn wearable technology to support motion tracking.

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Real-time processing

Beflex BiomechEngine® chip solution is capable of real-time processing of data that allows instant feedbacks to users.

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Compact and light

Beflex BiomechEngine® chip solution is small and light weight without compromising the performance of motion and activity tracking.


Feature overview

Power your device with Beflex BiomechEngine®


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Extensive metrics for runners

Power your device with Beflex BiomechEngine® and provide more than 20 different metrics that the running performance and safety level of your device users, including:

Basic Activity Metrics: Distance, Speed, Pace, Calories, Step Count, Cadence, Altitude, Running Time, Walking Time

Running Form Metrics: Head Angle, Step Width, Step Length, Vertical Oscillation, Flight Time, Stance Time

Injury Risk Metrics: Shock, Leg Stiffness, Maximum Force, Symmetry, Consistency

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Real-time voice feedback

Power your device with Beflex BiomechEngine® and provide real-time voice coaching to enhance the performance and avoid injury of your device users. Users can listen to the real-time voice feedbacks about the running form and injury risks while running to improve their running posture and run safer with less injuries.

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Smartphone applications

Power your device with Beflex BiomechEngine® and let your device users have quick and easy access to their running analysis with our iOS and Android apps. Our app is designed to provide a frictionless experience to easily start and analyze your user’s runs.


Partner Products

Product powered by Beflex BiomechEngine®

SOUL RunFreePro BIO by SOUL Electronics is currently available for pre-order in USA. These wireless earphones are powered with Beflex BiomechEngine® to track and analyze running form and injury risk for runners. Click below to learn more about this product.

currently only available in USA


Beflex Inc.

About us

Founded in 2016 by professional researchers at KAIST in Korea, Beflex Inc. developed the world’s first biomechanics solution that extracts accurate running form information based on head motion data.

Beflex Inc. is working to integrate its unique solution to all types of head mounted devices and to provide profound activity data and coaching that is related to running form to improve performance and reduce injury risks.

The vision of the company is to bring sports science that is only available to elite sports players to all sports enthusiasts and to lead a new paradigm shift in the new generation of sports wearables to come.

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Juho Jung

Co-founder / CEO

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Jay Jung

Co-founder / CTO

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Dae In Park

Co-founder / CMO


Our Partners & Customers

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