Power your headphones with BiomechEngine

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BiomechEngine is the hardware solution that tracks your run and provides biomechanical analysis.

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Easily integrates into head-worn devices of any type and size.

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Optimized for minimal power consumption

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Over 20 metrics for runners [1]


Distance, Altitude, Pace, Time, Speed, Calories, Step Count, Split

Running Form

Cadence, Head Angle, Step Width, Step Length, Vertical Oscillation

Injury Risk

Shock, Maximum Force, Flight Time, Stance Time, Flight-Stance Ratio, Leg Stiffness, Symmetry, Consistency


[1] Connect BiomechEngine device with Runspect app to track and analyze your run.

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Real-time Voice Coaching

Real-time AI voice coach helps to improve your running form and reduce risk of injuries.


Clients and Products


SOUL Electronics


Run Free Pro BIO

SOUL Electronics

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SOUL Electronics



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Upgrade your headphones with BiomechEngine

We are open for clients and partnerships to collaborate and find new opportunities with BiomechEngine.

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